He Knows Me By My Name

by Dezcry

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released August 1, 2011



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Dezcry Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: All For You Ft. True Saint

Chorus x1

Got me looking straight onto the path that you set In my life
Never turning back or thinking twice, I'll fight
Took over my heart I'm free, You see
Now I'm givin everything You mean
All for You, All for You, All for You, (Whoa)
Shout It, All For You, All For You, All For You, (Yeah Yeah)

My life ain't here to stay
Cause times like this will fade
My spirits yearning, He's searching He calling me His way
And so I'm here, my hope in God, He never fails,
I'm lifted up He so alive and got weight off my scale
The King is here, all these people need to see His fame
The grace of God, plus my heart, you know that something changed.
My mind was rearranged, the trash in my life was drained
Nobody offers salvation other than the God who was slain
Markers set, on a mission called to lead the lost
In this world, fallen curse, sin that seperates us worst
Who would think The One who gave it all is mighter to save
All I did was hand over my life and he turned it to something to forward his ways

Chorus x1

Got me looking straight onto the path that you set In my life
Never turning back or thinking twice, I'll fight
Took over my heart I'm free, you see
Now I'm givin everything you mean
All for You, All for you, All for You, Whoaa
Shout It, All For You, All For You, All For You, Yeah Yeah

I'm on this real talk
I know I got it locked
True Saints, got the message saved and on the block
And We be ridin high
My spirits never dry
I came to preach the gospel maybe open someones eyes
I used to party evernight, like my life was in check
I was blinded by the light, livin with no regret
And I know that the truth was just something to see
Maybe more there was this God who died and set me free
This pain is fading and He's got me feeling so insane
Moving forward got me breaking out of all these chains
Made me the Son of God, I thought I'd never be
A new believer now I'm headed for eternity

Chorus x1

Got me looking straight onto the path that you set In my life
Never turning back or thinking twice, I'll fight
Took over my heart I'm free, you see
Now I'm givin everything you mean
All for You, All for you, All for You, Whoaa
Shout It, All For You, All For You, All For You, Yeah Yeah

And to conclude this story
Christ died to share his glory
Is a light to the world, all heard that he's true, never sinned my God is holy
So I rejoice, my heart sings Jesus is Alive
He's coming to keep, all those who are saved, the ones who devoted their lives.
Thy will be done, your name declared amongst the nations
You are the way, the truth, the life and demonstration
Everything we need is in your hands who ever knew
Drawing closer everyday, Lord this is All For You
Track Name: I Don't Pack a Matic

I'm Taking heed to The Voice, called for the ministry
Any sin in this earth wont trap or diminish me
I'm Preaching Christ it don't matter how the world spin
I'm Rollin in truth, through ya hood and in the burbs kid
Uh, and I don't play in the streets
Igniting my faith and diet, stay away from the sweets
or when this Faith walk on water, feeling to deep
keep my hand firm in His grip when I'm moving my feet
Hey, and I ain't tripping man this world only bores me
After life with Christ that's right what It gone be
For the Glory, He given grace to the lowly
His authority reign over all cause He holy
The God man, Jesus, adore Him He's righteous
Got that cross-eyed site, locked tight like vices
whatever your type is, what He offers is priceless
Engineered a plan for man from wrath when the sky splits

Yea I know that death is real, but I ain't scared of the grave
Christ right in front of the body, the head of the page
Sin on lock, no longer is it head of my ways
Truth be running every thought, like a head full of waves
I guess it's safe to say, I ain't gotta be scared
Ain't a drummer around in this site, but I'm seeing the snares
Ain't seeing impaired, ain't lost, I'm seeing the flares
Called sent us out in twos, so you'll see us in pairs
Word, and we ain't seeing but the facts they ain't running it,
Government illuminati the Son made a covenant
God be manifesting all the truth that they covering
Until they understand the Son of Man is running everything
He training me, I'm learning moves from the master
Pastor, Holy Ghost got my heart beating faster
All equipped and ready to flee from disaster
from growing in my walk and reaping fruit through the last year


Hey mayne, I ain't packin dat
Ye, nah I ain't packin dat
I ain't packin dat, I ain't packing dat
Words my sword, im strapped and I'm fighting back
Ha, ain't a lie so dont twist the facts
Matta fact mayne, ain't packing dat
I ain't packin dat, you can't pack dat
Words my sword, im strapped and I'm fighting back

Past life, redeemed, I'm clean I will press through
He came into my rescue, (Yes), He's my refuge
He's been erasing the habits that's known just to wreck dudes
So with my flesh I always gotta check like a chess move
I made alive in Christ, homie this the new me
Drew me, I tell em God is watching like a movie
With a servant heart He keeping guard like on duty
Awaiting court hearing like a youth inside of juvy
Im knowin bro, in this life it's pretty hard to grasp
Fathers wrath, Only cross man thats all we have
souled out, bought in blood, (gotta offer back)
Dying to my self and to my ways if they not for Dad
Soul replenished with a heart of a lion
And on the run, eating Word like it's part of my diet
With Truth revealed, my life, never looking behind
I'm on the track with bad breaks cause I'm always gon' grind
Track Name: Pray for Me

Say a prayer for the sinners cause we all Have Sin
I can't point my fingers say I'm not like them
I know God above everything and love everyone
With the time that were given I try to be like His Son
Life in my speech, and sound in my faith
Is all I need in a world thats holding me to embrace
all the pleasure from the Son, the King He is holy
His whole Word is true, I need you to pray for me

Verse 1

I wanna preach boldly, God give me words just to show it
Your job ain't complete like bars with no poet
But I know that your working, my life ain't the same
And I still can't define it, the way of this road is strange
It almost seems this walk is, more of a struggle
Im losing sight of your tower in times of this trouble
Like it's hard, to fathom its part of your plan,
The strife with fam and friends and it's all in your hands
Cause even those can drawn to another
Seduced and deceived to hatin' they own brother
Or lies in between a path of two lovers,
Must endure through the pain like Christ we must suffer
I know Your hand ain't far to grab hold of
But its hard to hang tight in a world with cold motives
A place that is broken, a time that is fallen
Tuned out to the Voice of the one that is calling


Verse 2

From a Son to a Father, you kept me align
In those times, I kept you far, in the back of my mind
So deserving, patient, you were also the surgeon
changed, and humbled my heart to the ways of a servant
(yes) From knowing you, I'm never wanting to trip
from taking these big sips of the world I'm gone slip
To stray from my faith, and lose it in mainstream
Or forgetting what Is true, and the way I was made clean
I confess that my ain't ways better,
you showed me the flaw of feeding my own pleasures
from finding my joy in worship and giving praise
To be bonded in your light just like infrared rays
In my life, mayne Im truly conv inced
Your words alive, to fight satans lies and tricks
Cause in the struggle, Im tied to your voice like chords
You pulled me aboard, a taught me how to sharpen my sword


Verse 3

And as a final word I pray, you keep pouring through
In the battle, the trial, in the things that I can't do
And showing me the values, (love and faith in its gain)
I'm amazed how it's written in 1 Corinthians, James
And all the ways that I'm viewing my sin, I'm now hatin'
forget all the lust I'm facing, I'm seeing through
to realize the stuff I'm craving, has only drained
from the work of my transformation
Leading me on to a well with your water
I thirst, but ain't quench in a world that don't offer
The Same, God write your name on my soul
And help me remember the script to be playing Your role
With open eyes and appointed a task
You gave me the words and mic, to go in and grab
The lost souls that ain't seeing the grace You provide
In this life, without You, it's real we ain't alive
Track Name: Speaking in Tongues

Flow fresh, yeah lemme kill it
Good news coming out my mouth, so I'll spill it
I got a sweettooth for His food in my spirit
When I'm playing with my heart, I keep it open so I hear it
Divine, quick with the sticks that He choose, I've been trying
Livin in the game without truth I've been fired
Always with His hands on my life to delight , to continue the reasons I'm breathing reaching on the mic
Marching with the band, gonna live it go fast
Sounding like a war, hear the tenor drum clash
Targets out in sight, see the demons can't pass
With the bridge God made, we're livin not sinning saved
Number one name, coming back no He's never tamed
Roaring like a lion, He's my life no he'll never change
In exchange asking for our lives, gotta get it mayne
Soaring like an eagle on his wings I'm flying with planes
Wrath packed, got it on his back like a knapsack
Laughed at, denying the King where your facts at
Passed that, feeding off His word need a place mat
Washing all my trouble down the drain like a bird bath
Managing my crops, never gonna stop im going forward
Planting more seeds in the ground, never overboard
Harvesting bringing over souls to the true thing
Livin in the trash of this world, He's just moved me, Who's He?
Had a broken heart but he soothed me. Called upon His name now His will is just to use me
Choose me, now I'm seeing life through a new screen, used to pass the dro but I love Him so I can't be
It's time for showdown, I ain't finish yet this the first round
Proclaiming the name of the King with the gold crown
Sending Eminem to the stars, cause he's spacebound
I can't even imagine how he trembles like a thundercloud
Wonder how? Government got nothing they just run they mouth
Playing on his board, we the pawns think we got it now
Managing the game, Hes the bank, never runnin out
Over stocked, all this satisfaction making The Father proud
Switch flows,Christ flowing, in my blood growing
Colder than the wind like a blizzard keep snowing
Livin in the light from the past, got me showing
have me shining like I'm Moses in the places that I'm roaming
New show, and I'm going live I'm on channel 2
Get a clue, look into my eyes I ain't see through
Zoom zoom, passing through the world like a Subaru
Walking on his hands, if you ask him he will save you too
Track Name: Mind Therapy
I'm so inspired with the Christ changing lives and I gotta grow
pitchin' off the old onto the left, bet you love the flow
Who's these hatas stepping on the throne, sinning in his name;
vengeance ain't mine homie, I'll just leave that to the King
I take it back to those other days, livin the life (ohhh)
till I put this picture in its frame
Didn't understand that conviction was the spirit saying
(that the Father wanted in my life, now ya boy is changed)
Ain't a saint matta fact mayne I'ma im a sinner too, thats true, (God is alive) homie and I'm bullet-truth
I'm a livin testimony, but you still lookin for proof
Life is in the scriptures mayne, truth you ain't learning in school
Gratitude it is the Son, love, and He's making me sing
You find pleasures answering the chicks, check your formspring
That just something people never get, making life a chase
All He wants is to be with you and to fill that empty space
Seek His grace, livin in Christ, fill you up, masters path
All that God is saying is just look at Him, He'll give you that
Give u cash? (Nah) But He'll give you life don't have to ask
Lookin to get high (Naw Man) He got more than sacs, more to pack, lookin to fly
Spirit rolls the sweetest joint, think you thug, livin to die and cutting off the Fathers Voice
Bet you getting bad reception running and tired in exhaust
Satan tries to blind ya shifting your eyes off the cross
Mixing up your mind, spitting lies, got your heart-pulled
Wrong view, thinking bout (I just wanna be successfull)
But that ain't going anywhere, get a job then retire livin off more you can bare
Getting chicks, stacking money, whips and think rocking that ice
Can't hide the way you feel inside cause you missing the Christ
missing life, following the world cause you think it's right
But you gotta trust that with God you'll be winning the fight
Livin the height looking at the world with a different site
Then you can holla at Drake, saying I can't fall for your type
This is whats fitting in the eyes of the Lord see
He don't want you feeding of the world thinking you a G
Totally, gotta hit the scriptures see what Man should be
Wants to perfect you just like His Son so you gotta seek
Gotta read, heaven ain't got room for the dirty streets
Open up that door in your mind cause He wanna speak
Aiming for the stars man, scratch that, playas life
Ain't a playa but I'm on the team that just ain't my type
Bet you wishin that your life was filled with riches all dat too
Homie I ain't rich, but his spirit makes my pockets full,
Thats true thankful enough, joy of giving is so much better
Holy spirit put that in my heart, how His love ain't measure
Now I be livin the life in the light chasing better things
Seeing how this place don't agree I be reppin His name
Young Money die in their cash, all they seeking is fame
Banks ain't up in heaven, livin for Christ to die is gain, He will change
Give you a new heart, never be the same
It don't matter where you are in life homie He's the kang
Either love Him, or you serve the world, nothing better mayne
All my life is for pleasure in Christ seek and step His ways
But hey, ya im preaching for reason im reaching and levering teens
He's my breathing I'm speaking I'm talking bout the One who cleans